Mountains & Mofongo

Day 2: Pancho Mateo Visit & Dinner in Puerto Plata

Today we visited Pancho Mateo, one of the communities that Makarios serves. When we arrived kids automatically ran to us and were soon hanging off of every arm and back possible. Cakito met us in Pancho Mateo, where he was born and raised, to give us a tour of the community. He was one of the first Makarios students and is now employed by the school and is also a youth pastor at the church in Pancho Mateo. After playing multiple rounds of “pato,pato, ganso” (“duck, duck goose”) we packed up the gua gua and headed back to the Mak house to get cleaned up. The Lehr family then took us to La Sirena (basically a Dominican Walmart) to pick up some groceries and to get all the interns Dominican phones. After that we had dinner at a local restaurant were we ran into another missions group called Until They Know. It was incredible because they automatically knew that we were with Makarios and when they were leaving the restaurant they all gathered around our table and prayed over our time here this summer! It was such a cool picture of how the Lord is moving in the DR and I’m so excited to see more of that while I’m here this summer!

For dinner all of the girls ordered mofongo con pollo, a typical Dominican dish of mashed platanos (plantains) and chicken.  All of the boys were lame and ordered pizza and burgers, so we made sure to make fun of them for that 🙂


Day 3: El Teleferico De Puerto Plata & Mountaintop Bible Study

Today we took a cable car to the top of a mountain that overlooked all of Puerto Plato… it was an incredible view! At the top we had the chance to spend some time with Jesus on our own before we did a group bible study over the book of Santiago (James in Spanish). It was so cool to hear all the other interns’ testimonies and to spend some time telling the Lehr family all about our lives. After the cable car ride to the bottom of the mountain we ate lunch at another local restaurant. Regan and I learned NOT to order caesar salads here because when we got them they were drenched in dressing and had some pretty sketchy looking chicken in it… no one is sick from it yet, so we’ll see what happens there!

After lunch we took the gua gua back to the Mak house with our new friend Carlos, who owns the gua gua. He loves American music and had us all jamming to Drake and Lil Wayne in the car. I don’t think that he realized how many swear words were in the songs because he spoke zero English… so we just left those out when we were singing along.

We all relaxed for a few hours after lunch and then Kaylee (one of the new teachers who was a Young Life leader in Round Rock and was also a Makarios intern 2 summers ago) came to the Mak house to teach us about public transportation in the DR. Around 6pm all of the American missionaries and their kids came over for weekly “family time”. It was a fun night filled with laughter and community and it was encouraging to see how tight-knit the Mak family is. I also got to meet Jenna, my mentor for this summer. She was super sweet and I am so excited to get to know her better and to spend more time with herwhile I’m here! She has been living in the DR for a little over a year and is a kindergarten teacher at the Makarios school. I think it will be really cool to get to talk to her about what it looks like to be on staff for this incredible organization. God is doing some crazy things through Makarios and I am so excited to get to be a part of it this summer. Now all we need is for Saturday to come so that we can welcome our first high school mission trip group to the DR!


I also drank lots of Coffee today… SHOCKER, I know 🙂


One thought on “Mountains & Mofongo

  1. Ron Martin says:

    Emily…I am so happy that you had the opportunity for this life changing experience. We will miss you in Singapore this summer, but will make sure to have your room all ready to go when you get to Singapore in August. Keep the posts coming. Love you Buddy….Dad


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