Ever since my first visit with Makarios, Chichigua has stolen my heart. It’s a small Haitian community of about 100 people that Makarios is involved in. I love this community because of its tight knit, small town feel and because there is one particular adorable girl that lives there. Alexia is 5 years old and is a student at Makarios. My friend Allie sponsors her and is completely devoted to praying for her and loves her so much. It’s been so sweet to see how deeply Allie cares for Alexia and how much she wants Alexia to know that she is a daughter of the King. When we got to chichigua, Alexia automatically wanted me to hold her and wouldn’t let me put her down. She wrapped her little legs and arms around me and nuzzled her head next to my neck. I was trying so hard to soak up her affection that I didn’t care how tired my arms were getting from holding her or how gross/hot I was getting from a combination of both of our sweat.

That’s how I see Jesus and his love for us. He wants us to cling to him with everything we have and to never let go. He wants to hold us no matter how heavy we may be. No weight is too heavy for him. Even when we think we have too much going on in our lives for him to handle, God wants us to run to him and trust him to be able to carry all of our issues. That’s so comforting and is such a huge blessing! Praise God that we can have that kind of relationship with our Savior.


Alexia is a little camera shy!


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