Gracias a Dios por Este Día

I’ve been a little under the weather for the past two days, so I thought that I would share another post while I’m spending some time resting.

Yesterday I woke up not feeling well, so I stayed home and relaxed for the morning. I was feeling better by lunch time, so I called my friend Deo (on my DR cell phone that resembles the one I had in 5th grade) and he picked me up on his moto to take me to the Mak school. I started feeling nauseous again once we got to the school, but then I was surrounded by sweet smiling faces and suddenly I felt better. I constantly have my camera around my neck whenever I’m at the school so that I can capture the precious moments I have there with the kids. I might be a little biased toward Alexia, Sarah, and Steicy… but oh well. They’re just too cute!

After finishing up VBS at the school we headed to Pancho Mateo for a community visit. Cakito led the visit this time and we also had Sharla there with us, which was a really cool experience! Sharla is the founder of Makarios and has been staying at the Mak house with her two boys Jacob and Isaac for the past two weeks. It was cool to see how much Cakito looks up to Sharla and how much he appreciates everything she did to start Makarios. I’ve been so overwhelmed by the gratitude and the optimism that is so present in every person I meet here. It’s a joke with the interns now to say “gracias a Dios” after we say something like “today it wasn’t too hot!” (which is extremely rare here…). People here say “gracias a Dios” all the time, which I think is an indicator of how God is moving here and how incredibly faithful his people are here. I think this gratitude is a lesson that many Americans could learn from the Dominicans. We live in a society that is so used to having certain amenities and comforts that we forget everything we have is a blessing from the Lord.  That is for sure something that I will be trying my best to remember not only while I am here, but when I return to the US as well.

I wasn’t feeling well again this morning, but I have been resting and now I am about to go back up to the school to lead the group to my favorite community, Chichigua. I am so grateful that despite not feeling well the Lord has given me enough strength and endurance each day to still spend time with the kids and the Makrios staff that I love.  ¡Gracias a Dios por este día!










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