Si Dios Quiere

Si Dios Quiere (“God willing”). This was something I took to heart while interning with Makarios last summer, and have continued to hold on to as I raise support to return to the Dominican Republic. In just a few short months, I will be moving to the DR, but probably not the DR that most of you know: the tourist filled, white-sand beaches where people go on vacation or their honeymoon (which, by the way, there is nothing wrong with that… it’s a gorgeous place to visit!). I will be going back to the neighborhoods of Chichigua, Poncho Mateo & Tamarindo, the homes of some of my closest friends and people I love.

When I first thought I wanted to move back to the DR to work with Makarios, I was convinced I wanted to teach, even though I just spent 4 years at Baylor getting a degree in marketing & communication. For months I looked up what it would take to get my teaching certificate, carefully calculating the time and money I would have to spend on going back to more schooling. Then, one day I received a call from Makarios, telling me that they wanted to bring me on staff as their new Group Ministry Trips Assistant & Communication Liaison –  a job that not only uses my degree, but also allows me to live out my passion for working with students (a passion I developed while being a Young Life leader all throughout college).

I am incredibly blessed to have such a great staff of people who are behind me 100% & are willing to do anything it takes to help me serve while also getting to do the things I love. Makarios is doing so much good in the DR, & I am so lucky to get to witness that first-hand. I know that not everyone has the opportunity or the capability to drop everything & move to a different country to serve God’s people. Fortunately, I am at a place in life where that is something I can do. That is why I want to offer my friends & family the opportunity of partnering with me as I serve in the DR. By supporting me financially or prayerfully you are getting to help do what God has called me to do.

As I begin this journey of serving in the Dominican Republic, I invite you to join me & follow this once in a life time adventure. I know that it is going to be hard, exhausting, & draining at times, but I also know that with the support of my people back home I am going to be so much stronger and equipped to lean on Jesus in the difficult times.

If you want to join me as I serve the people of the Dominican Republic, you can make a contribution online or you can mail in a check. The directions for both of these can be found here. You can also support me by following my blog to stay up to date on my life in the DR.

Si Dios quiere, I will return to the DR fully funded & ready to serve. Through Him all things are possible & I am capable of any task He sets before me. I am so ready to begin this mission & I hope that you will consider helping me to achieve this goal.

If you are interested in learning more about Makarios, click here.

Bendiciones (“Blessings”),



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